General Estate Planning

Information Overview

The following is just a very cursory overview of a topic most people know very little about. Obviously, our office can clear up any questions you may have that are not fully explained herein.  For now, this should at least focus your thinking.

The explanations below should not be construed as legal advice or legal representation. The information below is merely an attempt to give a very brief explanation of various estate planning documents and procedures.

Common Estate Planning Documents

These are just some of the basic documents that you may want to consider. A qualified attorney can focus your thinking even further and he or she can let you know if other documents are necessary for your situation. As you will see, proper estate planning also has the purpose of dealing with incapacity problems during your lifetime, as opposed to merely distributing one’s assets at death. This is important to consider because the transfer of wealth is really secondary to providing an explanation of your desires to your loved ones while you’re alive.

Please give some consideration to what you want to accomplish with these documents so that down the road, you are sure that the finished product satisfies your needs.

Although other legal documents and techniques may be applicable to your individual situation, we’ve provided some information regarding some common estate planning documents for your convenience.


Information on Common Estate Planning Documents
  • Will

  • Revocable Living Trust 

  • Power of Attorney for Health Care 

  • General Power of Attorney