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It's with a heavy heart that I pass along the news that my former partner Howard Wiggins passed away in Aug 2022.


Howard was my friend and mentor about the law and life in general. He always projected positivity and I can honestly say we never had a disagreement the whole time we practiced together.


After retiring in 2013, Howard spent his time clearing trails and focusing on church, music and family. I enjoyed catching up with him sporadically for lunches right up until the Covid nonsense made all of our lives trickier. He loved bringing me up to speed on his family's exploits all over the globe and hitting me with the latest joke or two that caught his fancy.


If you find working with me to be remotely enjoyable (even given the somewhat heavy nature of this area of the law), then you can attribute that to Howard's coaching. When I came out of law school in 2004 looking for a job, I didn't know the first thing about how to practically manage a Trusts and Estates practice. I didn't have any contacts in the area and personally handed out resumes to every AV rated estate planning attorney and estate planning firm in town. Howard Wiggins was the last person on the list...and the only one who called me back. I attribute all of my success in this area to Howard's patient training and willingness to take a chance on an untested kid. 


I will always carry Howard's words of wisdom with me as I do my best to continue in his finest tradition: "Keep it simple, stupid." 

Going forward, the firm will always bear Howard's name in his memory. I didn't build Wiggins & Ebert, APC, I'm just running it now. 


I'll miss ya Howard. Thanks again...for everything.

Jason Ebert

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