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The most common question I get is “Do I need a Trust?”

Probate is mandatory in the State of California if your total assets are with over $184,500.  With homes being valued at way over $184,500, you will have to go thru the Probate Process if you do not have a proper Estate Plan. 

Trusts avoid the probate process and allow for a quicker and cheaper transfer of your wealth to your desired beneficiaries. Contrary to popular belief, having a Will does NOT avoid probate and is often no better than not having a Will at all.

Donald Emerick

“My wife and I were very pleased with the work done by Jason in preparing our Living Trust..he explained everything clearly and really seemed to take a personal interest in our situation giving us a clear understanding of how this works. We will be happy to recommend Jason Ebert to help you with planning your future 😎👍"

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